Zuzana Mináčová (*1931), Slovakia / Czech Republic

Creative activities

Zuzana Mináčová is a pioneer of the modern-day Slovak and Czech photography, and promoter of the New Wave movement. Born into a Jewish medical family, she studied Photography at Bratislava’s School of Decorative Arts and Design and, subsequently, she joined Slovenský film as a head of their department of photography. Her displays have been held around the world; her graphic and photography cycles entitled Čas (Time), Čekání (Waiting), Souvislosti (Context), Hra (Game), Zastavení na cestě (Stop on the Road) and Stromy (Trees) gained international reputation and became part of collections of many world galleries. Her legendary works also include festival photographs of celebrities, such as Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, Kirk & Michael Douglas, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley, Danny de Vito and Jude Law.

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