Jiří Suchý

(*1931), Czech Republic

Lifetime achievements

Jiří Suchý, a legend of arts in the Czech Republic, is a theatre actor, musician, lyricist, singer, poet, composer, writer, filmmaker, graphic designer, artist, theatre director, comedian and collector. He co-founded the Na zábradlí Theatre (The Theatre on the Balustrade). He has collaborated with Miroslav Horníček and Ivan Vyskočil. Later, he formed a famous duo with Jiří Šlitr and together they founded the Semafor Theatre. He is the co-author of many comedies, cabarets and musicals, such as Man from the Attic (Člověk z půdy), Zuzana is Home Alone (Zuzana je sama doma), Jonáš a tingltangl, A Walk Worthwhile, and many others. He starred in Miloš Forman’s film Audition and worked on the musical If a Thousand Clarinets. A mere list of the theatre, film, television, music, literary and artistic works of this incredibly prolific and versatile author could fill a book on its own. Jiří Suchý’s many awards include the 2nd Grade Medal of Merit or the 1st Grade Order of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk.

Other laureates

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