Oksana Lyniv (*1978), Ukraine

Creative activities

Oksana Lyniv is the first woman, Principal conductor of the Opera Theater and the Philharmonic Orchestra in Graz.  She graduated from the National Academy of Performing Arts in Lviv (1996-2003) and became a conductor at the National Academy of Opera and Ballet in Odessa (2008-2013). Later on, Oksana Lyniv worked as an assistant to the general manager and conductor Kirill Petrenko at the Bavarian State Opera (2013-2017). She was awarded the best conductor of the Bavarian State Opera in the Classical Music category in 2015 and founded the Ukrainian Youth Symphony Orchestra (UYSO) two years later. UYSO was based on the model of the German Federal Youth Orchestra, filled with talented children musicians from all regions of Ukraine.

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