Jan Mojto

(*1948), Germany

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Jan Mojto is one of Europe’s most significant film producers. He is of Slovak origin, living in Germany. He studied literary science and history at universities in Bratislava and Munich. After moving in 1969, he worked as a journalist. In 1977, he began to work for a media group owned by German magnate Leo Kirch, where he eventually became a member of the Board of Directors. He was present at the inception of a number of films coproduced in Germany and Czechoslovakia. In 2002, he founded the production company EOS – Events of Screen – that produces very successful series, such as Napoleon, Les Misérables, and the newest series adaptation of the novel War and Peace. He has recently acquired BetaFilm, an important part of Kirch’s empire and Europe’s biggest film archive. In 2001, Mojto received the Charlemagne Prize. He is a personality of the media industry in particular and personifies European coproduction in a unique way.

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