Phanuel Osweto (*1978), Kenya / Czech Republic

Contribution to the dialogue of national culture

Phanuel Osweto, a priest of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, was born in Kenya in 1978. In his home country he was involved in charity projects and participated in the construction of hospitals. He collaborated with foreign doctors in Nairobi and translated for them sermons into English in a local church. He had a fateful encounter with a Czech physician, MUDr. Svatopluk Bucek, Ph.D., who led him to theology. After that he went to study to the former Czechoslovakia. He studied theology in Prague and received a doctorate in public health in Bratislava. He then devoted himself to the charity project Africa for Africa in Kenya, where he has been involved in building a computer centre, a primary school and a children‘s home since 2009. In 2008 he was ordained as a priest and in 2010 he was offered the vacant position of pastor in Kladno, where he is still working today.

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