Ján Lešták (*1955), Czech Republic / Slovakia

Ján Lešták (*1955) Czech Republic / Slovakia

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In 1980 Ján Lešták graduated from the Military Medical Academy in Hradec Králové and started to work as an eye specialist in the Central Military Hospital in Prague where he continued working until 1995. On 1 March 1995 he founded a private Eye Clinic in Nové Butovice and as the senior doctor and owner of it he is still the director and keeps expanding it further. As a successful entrepreneur, pedagogue and scientist, he is also engaged in many humanitarian activities. He provides financial support to young physicians preparing for postgraduate examination. He is a permanent contributor to various endowment funds including a collection for new organs in the St Vitus Cathedral in the Prague Castle. He donates money for publishing books of beginning writers. Via charitable auctions, he has supported The Archa Chantal Foundation, Mathilda Endowment Fund and the Club of Friends to Children from Children Homes (Klub přátel dětí dětských domovů), among others. 

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