Jaqueline Teissier Okuma (*1945), Switzerland / Japan

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Jacqueline Teissier Okuma’s life is essentially a journey through many cultures. Although she was born in the Francophone part of Switzerland, life allowed her to become acquainted with countries and cultures on three continents. As she completed her university studies she noticed that Japan was internationally known more for its technology than for its rich culture and traditions, and hence she decided to familiarise the world with traditional and modern Japanese art – initially in Mexico, and later in Israel and Europe. From the very outset her exhibitions, at muse ums such as the Ethnographic Museum in Barcelona and Kobe Fashion Museum, aimed to forge a dialogue through art, music and dance. She has also coordinated dance and music performances for European participants at the Japan Expo and the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. In 2014 she was involved in establishing an art and cultural agreement between Barcelona and Kyoto that earned her official recognition. For over 20 years, Jacqueline Teissier Okuma has helped artists around the world fulfil their visions.

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