Papia Ghoshal (*1969), India

Contribution to the dialogue of national culture

Indian painter, poet, writer, singer and actress Papia Ghoshal was born in the village of Bandel near Calcutta. She comes from the royal family of Zamindar. She studied political science, sociology and classical Indian singing at the University of Calcutta. She later studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and perfected her painting skills for over fifteen years alongside the legendary Indian artist Prakash Karmakar. Her works are extremely bold and provocative. She has written ten books that have been translated into Czech. She is the publisher and editor of The London Miscellany, a journal on art and literature first published in England in 1825. She is the director of the Miscellany, a charitable organization helping poor artists from India. She is also a film director, producer and actor. She has won many Indian and international awards for her artistic work.

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