Milan Dobeš (*1929), Czech Republic

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A Czechoslovak artist and significant representative of geometric abstraction whose work exceeds beyond the borders of Europe. He is a pioneer of dynamic constructivism and kinetic op-art elements, which combine movement, optical effects and artificial light, and three-dimensional elements from various materials into works of art. Born in Přerov, he left to study fine arts in Slovakia, where he also worked for a long time after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava and still lives there. To the Czech Republic, he recently returned with the opening of the Milan Dobeš Museum, which was founded in 2017 in Dolné Vítkovice, Ostrava, thanks to the foundation founded together with Jan Světlík. The works of Milan Dobeš combine art with the knowledge of optics and kinetics. When creating the overall impression of objects, he is able to apply, in a very sensitive way, the material properties of glass, lenses or mirrors, which contribute to the overall character of his works. He is the author of manifestos entitled O svetle a pohybu (On Light and Movement) and O dynamickom konštruktivizme (On Dynamic Constructivism). Milan Dobeš is one of the first artists to introduce the concept of a work as a new reality that is independent from the light into the Czechoslovak fine arts domain.

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