Eva Randová (*1936), Germany / Czech Republic

Lifetime achievements

Mezzosoprano Eva Randová was a soloist for the Ostrava Opera and the National Theatre in Prague. After 1969 she performed on the prestigious international stages, hosting at Milan’s La Scala Theatre, the Metropolitan Opera in New York, and Paris, Munich, Vienna, London and San Francisco. From September 1970 she was a soloist at the Stuttgart Opera, and in 1980 she was also engaged at the Metropolitan Opera in New York for Wagner roles. In 1995–1998 she returned to Prague and became the managing director of the State Opera in Prague. She has used her compelling, captivating dramatic expression in the roles of Kostelnička and Kabanicha, which she sang at Covent Garden in London in 1986 and 1994. She is now increasingly focusing on holding master classes on singing technique and interpretation.

Other laureates

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