Luciano Benetton (*1935), Italy

Contribution to the dialogue of national culture

Luciano Benetton founded the Benetton Group with his siblings, of which he is president. Colour, democratic spirit, equality, and respect for the others are the principles that underpin both United Colors and Imago Mundi, the non-profit global art project that Luciano Benetton launched in 2008, combining his two passions: art and travel. Over 25,000 artists from more than 150 countries have already joined the project, giving their vision of the world on a 10×12 cm canvas.  Imago Mundi is a collective map in-the-making of human cultures. Imago Mundi promotes the artists through exhibitions, catalogues,, and Google Arts & Culture. Luciano Benetton recently inaugurated in Treviso, his hometown, “Gallerie delle Prigioni”, the Imago Mundi space dedicated to the world’s visual culture. The San Teonisto art venue is another recent addition to Treviso’s cultural scene.

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