Ivan Stadtrucker (1935–2017), Slovakia


Lifetime achievements

Professor Ivan Stadtrucker is one of the most acclaimed mass media specialists in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. He graduated from Czech Technical University in Prague. He opened the first electronic music studio at Czechoslovak Television in Bratislava. As a dramaturgist and scriptwriter, he has prepared over 50 Monday film adaptations for broadcast, a number of which received local and international awards. As the Director General of Slovak Television, he contributed to the cultural development of the CEE region. In Trnava he established the Faculty of Mass Media Communication and was the first dean of the faculty. He was also dean of the Academy of Art in Banská Bystrica. He has lectured on mass media theory at numerous European and American Universities. He has recently published a book on the history of Slovak Television, and has authored dozens of professional studies, books and works of prose.

Other laureates

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